The Doge Alliance represents 9000 unique 3D full-bodied buff doges. The Doge Alliance is bringing innovative utilities at accelerated timelines. This is going to be a community driven environment influenced by your input. We are dedicated to providing 100% transparency in order to build a long-lasting community on our way to the Moon!


An Alliance of 9,000
Unique Full-Bodied Doges

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Why adopt an
Approving Corgi?

Because why not?!

Imagine this:

It’s another day in the grind at work.

Your boss disapproves of your (genius) proposal.

Afterwards, you go out with a friend who disapproves of your significant other.

You go home and your significant other disapproves of your friends...

Well, none of their negativity will keep you down! Because you have the only approval you need waiting for you back at your computer… your lovable, adorable Approving Corgi!

You’ll get exclusive perks and
access to the following:
Community Vault
Community Vault

The Community Vault will serve as the treasury from where we draw funds to support deserving community members like you!


We aim to be 100% community-oriented group by having members vote on project priorities, goals, and advancements. Everybody has a voice in this community!

"Do the Deed" Breeding Station
"Do the Deed" Breeding Station

Mate two Approving Corgis, combining your favorite traits from the two to produce a new Corgi pup — for FREE! Immediate Utility from your Corgi!

Matchmaking Application
Matchmaking Application

Corgi owners will be able to swipe left and right to match with another Corgi owner which will also integrate with the breeding utility!

Phase 1

Begin Dueling Doges development ✔

Speed running whitelist game ✔

20% of All Sales go to Community Wallet

Free Doge Alliance Challenge Coin Available for early Alliance members & Merch Store Launch, Rarity Sniper.

Collabs with other projects

Community involved competitions

Phase 2

Music enters the Alliance - Sponsor a Artist every month

Moon rocks arrive to earth. Being a Doge Alliance holder will grant whitelist access to Moon Rocks. These Moon Rocks will be used in the Dueling Doges game.

Free Doge Alliance t-shirt with your Doge. The Doge Alliance T-Shirts will be custom printed exclusively with your Doge Alliance NFT on the front (Free + Shipping).

Hosting MrBeast styled events every month

Phase 3

A Custom 3D laser printed desktop model of your Doge

Custom Merch store for all your NFTs

Launch Dueling Doges (Est. 4/20/22)

Sandbox integration

New features and add ons for Dueling Doges


How much does a Doge Alliance cost?

When is the launch date?


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